Thruput is dedicated to the creation of unique, and innovative, high-end graphics processing solutions. Thruput systems are selected worldwide for their reliability, integrity and performance.

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Systems and solutions, video processing, record and replay.

Thruput deliver systems and solutions for real-time video processing, high-integrity displays, pixel-perfect record and replay, high-resolution image rotation and remote video solutions. Our products are selected worldwide for their performance, integrity and reliability.

Systems and solutions, pixel-perfect high-resolution displays


Pixel processing, pixel perfect, Truepixel

Thruput are technology innovators with a proven track record for building high-performance and pixel-perfect video processing solutions.

Thruput focus on the design and manufacture of complete hardware solutions, using FPGA technology for the highest standards of safety, reliability and precision.


NEW!...40" 4Kx2K, High Bright, Touch Screen: Thruput launches the next generation of 4K x 2K, high-brightness, high-contrast touch screen monitors, with widescreen format and an 8-megapixel resolution, for the highest quality and flexibility in ATC tower data display and control.   Designed specifically for tower use, the GF VT 20-40 features enhanced backlighting that produces 550 nits,...

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Featured Product

MIDAS: Advanced Real Time Video Processor

  • Modular technology based on 8 input 3 output units.
  • All ports DVI-Dual link capable.
  • Multi-layering technology with independant cut, crop, position, transparency and colour mapping.
  • Full frame-rate video integration and switching
  • Ultra-reliable hardware only solution, without operating system or removable media.
  • Pixel perfect real-time video processing
  • Move & position live video feeds across multiple screens
  • Ultra-low power, silent operation
  • Selectable area-of-interest, with control of key regions including colour filtering and mapping.

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Featured Solutions

Featured Solutions

air traffic control, atc, air traffic operations control rooms, control centres, command & control



record and replay systems Real-time Video Processing

Video Processing

Radar Processing

record and replay systems Real-time Video Processing

Clutter Processing

Console Management

High-Resolution Displays

High-Resolution Displays

High-Resolution Displays, megapixel monitors

Thruput flat-panel monitors feature Truepixel™ Technology, with optional touch screens, dual external power supplies or toughened, write-on overglass. The monitors support video recording at the glass and can be extended from their data processors.

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Air-traffic Operations

Air-traffic Control: Record and Replay

air traffic control, atc, air traffic operations

Thruput's Recording system uses non intrusive, Independent at-the-glass video capture technology. The system is lossless and optimised for one pixel wide objects such as text or symbols. The system is fully operational with ATC units and third-party sytem intergrators.

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